The assumption behind ambition.


I blame my lack of writing on the abundance of conversations, emails, networking events, and planning sessions I’ve added into my schedule these past few months.

The perks of growth, right?

Right and wrong. My goal is to be intentional with my writing, and I want to make these posts more of a priority, as this journey is very exciting and worth sharing publicly.

In short, life is good. Actually, it’s better than good. It’s incredible. I’m happily gaining traction as I build Fulcio and I’m meeting many inspiring people along the way.

I’ve been doing some soul searching these past few months and am very proud of who I am. My passion and drive have led me to this point, but it couldn’t be done alone. There are so many of you who support my Fulcio dreams and I want to express my gratitude to those who do encourage me, even when I don’t really acknowledge it fully (thanks, mom).

This simple gesture of “how can I support you?” from the influential women & men I’ve been meeting lately speaks volumes to my mission. If you’re one of those people, thank you. These supporters BELIEVE in what I’m doing and want to see Fulcio grow, which encourages me more and more each day.

I’m learning to let go of certain fears and trust God and this process, but with this blind faith also comes the assumption that I’m financially successful.

Last week I attended a networking event and was asked if I offer pro bono work, which was both a compliment and a criticism. Many have no idea how much effort I put into my work, most of which is done for little profit. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve undervalued my services because I desperately wanted to help potential clients.

I’ve been on the other side too, assuming that small business owner friends can give me deals or discounts, but just because someone has a growing business does not mean that they are profiting, which is the harsh reality of entrepreneurship.

In December I started working a part-time job and at first I was ashamed about that. I had to swallow my pride and admit that I can’t build Fulcio (or Rome) in one day. It was and still can be a little embarrassing to share that I’m working a job that pays a fraction of what I made in the past, especially when most of my friends are making a lot more and do not having to think about the concerns that are constantly racing through my mind, like health insurance, taxes, or how much I’ll be making this month.

Tangent: “But Amanda, why don’t you get a dietitian job that pays more?”

Simply answer: I don’t want to.

Slightly longer answer:

  1. In the dietitian world, I am FAR LEFT. Most medical professionals don’t believe in what I promote, which is a concept called Health at Every Size, and I’m not about to work for a company that doesn’t share the same values as I do.
  2. The more nutrition-focused positions I have, the less time I’ll have to focus on Fulcio.
  3. Customer service-oriented jobs keep my humility levels in check. That’s why I LOVED working in a cafe in Boston and why I’ll always have a couch to sleep on when I visit there again.

This new job experience has been quite humbling and helps me stay grounded. Seeing the same people, semi-consistently, is new for me because I usually work alone and rarely see the same people each week (minus the baristas at my favorite cafe).

This “work social life” structure has made a great impact in my mental health, and I am so thankful for the coworkers in my life. I’ll also add that having nutrition student interns has made my life more routine and regular, which I love! (Beam Team – if you’re reading, thanks for believing and trusting in me and my vision!)

I’m writing this post to share that while I’m growing, I’m yet to breakeven. Far from it. I tell many that the key to building a small business is patience, and it’s true. I’m trusting the process right now and focusing on being present for all of the opportunities that present themselves. Don’t worry, I’m also being VERY proactive and not just waiting for change to happen. I’m building a SOLID foundation of supporters who believe in what I do, and it strengthens the belief that I have in myself. I’ve also been accepted in to a small business program for female entrepreneurs, which I’ll start next month!!! I also have a few potential speaking and writing opportunities ahead, so this is just the beginning.

Sharing this raw authenticity about the structure of building a business is rare, as many want you to believe that they are more successful than they actually are. While I understand that there’s a benefit to this, I’m going to stick with being vulnerable and trust that baring my burdens here will not only resonate with you, but will help me to see these burdens are simply a temporary roadblock to something that is much bigger than myself.

Much love,


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pps. I’m currently running a self-love program, Flourish and am very proud of the participants and their self-love revelations. I’ll be writing another blog post about Flourish next, so stay tuned!